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Jackson Marshall

Music Artist
Lismore, New South Wales 2480

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  • Jackson Marshall
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  • Lismore, NSW 2480

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  • 2016

More About Jackson Marshall

Jackson Marshall' was born 23/05/1990 Ipswich QLD Australia. He Lived in a suburb of Ipswich called Collingwood Park till February 1994 where he relocated to Lismore N.S.W. since his father got a job opportunity.

Early Life (1996 - 2004)

In mid 1996 Jackson's grandfather came down from Ipswich to visit him & his sister, Jackson walked past a music shop with his Grandfather and persuaded him to buy him his first drum kit without his parents knowledge. Jackson's mum & dad weren't impressed by this decision so Jackson's parents forced him to get drum lessons with "Young Drums" which were the biggest drum orchestra in the world.

In the year 2000 Jackson became a full member of Young Drums which they did a tour of Sydney and played on the Oprah House steps, 4 days latter Jackson got to perform at the Sydney Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony of the "Pacific School Games".

In 2002 Jackson took a sudden interest in Guitar since he discovered AC/DC and Angus Young inspired him to pick up the axe. By 2004 Jackson came across bands like Guns N' Roses, KISS & Motley Crue when he realised that Rock N' Roll was the best thing he could ever come across.

Personal Life - Home Issues & Substance Abuse (2006 - 2013)

2006 Jackson got kicked out of home and was put into group homes till 2008 since he was having issues with his parents since he got kicked out of Highschool the previous year. Jackson only ever completed Year 9 in Highschool. 2007 he studied at the Conservatorium of Music in Lismore which he only went to for a year, He never showed up to his end of year exams since Alcohol was taking over his life so he never completed his Certificate 4 in Music. Jackson still continued to play his music and would Jam with friends.

2009 Jackson went down to Tasmania to visit his Uncle for a Holiday since he hadn't seen him for 4yrs, Jackson decided after a few days in Devenport that he would like to check out Launceston. After a day of pub crawling Jackson met a few strangers in a bar which seemed friendly enough so he decided to go to a few other pubs with them but on the way to the 3rd pub they took Jackson to an empty run down building and 5 guys mugged him leaving him with 6 stitches to the head, Heavy concussion & a Broken rib. The guys were never found.

By mid 2009 Jackson's drinking got out of control since he was arrested for "Drunken Disorderly" & a few weeks later for "Urinating in a public place" he was put on a 2 year good behaviour bond. Towards the end of 2009 he was arrested again for taking his car out for a joyride unlicensed and he crash into a parked car, When the Police arrived and breathalized him he blew 4 times the legal limit. When Jackson got sentenced in September 2010 he was placed on a 7 month suspended Jail sentence.

Between 2007-2013 Jackson didn't know that he suffered from depression and would use Alcohol to cover up his emotions but he stilled played music over those years.

2013 - 2015 (Short Stints)

Between 2013-present Jackson has been making music his number one Priority and would rather have a clear head to focus on Drumming & Guitar everyday then to be hungover. In 2015 He Joined a band last minute to fill in with 5 days notice to do a show and a few months later he joined a Gold Coast based band called the "Rouge Schollars" who were in desperate need of a drummer so Jackson filled in for 2 months and did 3 shows with them.

2016 (Depression)

In late 2016 Jackson Suffered from severe depression where he was Hospitalised 3 times over 2 weeks from overdosing from prescription medications. Two days after his final release from Hospital Jackson Went into his studio to record a few tracks which he had demoed over the coarse of 2 Years.

2017 - From The Dead (Album)

After demoing a few songs he had laying around for a few years, Jackson decided to go into the studio to start recording his debut Album. He only had 3 songs behind him before he made an official release date (April 9th 2017).

Over the coarse of 4 months Jackson put all his time and energy into songwriting, marketing and producing his Album, there was also countless days where he was awake for 72hrs straight to make this Album happen.

All the songs were performed by Jackson where he played all the instruments on the Album..

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Posted by Jackson Marshall on 06/15/2017 in Punk

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