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Jurerê, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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  • Negra Si
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  • Jurerê, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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My name is Sirley Santos, I am 43 years old I live in Florianopolis Santa Catarina, Brazil, I am a composer and poetess, so I decided to interpret my lyrics. Talking about, prejudices and domestic violence that is still very strong here, and a little about me and my experiences, but I really like to write, so I do on all subjects. I have few recorded songs, I do not have much money to invest, I work as a cleaning lady, so I do it slowly. I live near a high-class neighborhood here (Jurere Internacilnal), and I live with these people, so I have many stories to tell in my songs.

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This song I talk about prejudice and prejudice and empowerment of women. Racist acts through the Internet, and about the...

Posted by Sirley Santos on 03/07/2019 in Rap


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