Charan Ravi

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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  • Broken Demon
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  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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  • 2017

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Broken Demon is an Indian Music Producer and DJ. He's a teenager who's trying his best to balance his musical career and education at the same time. When he first fell in love with electronic music when he watched a live Tomorrowland show on YouTube. Out of curiosity, he started making amateur music on FL Studio. Little did he know that he'd become a producer and DJ. He first started to produce music at the age of 16. When all of his friends were out there talking about doing things, Broken Demon aka Charan Ravi was in his bedroom making things

happen. Even after all the discouragement he got, he kept producing music and his dream alive.Now at the age of 17, merely a year later, he's signed record deals with T-Rex records, Rootkap Music and P T R P XX.As he kept making music, music kept making him a better person. Broken has no musical background. He learnt almost everything he had to through YouTube.Broken Demon's message - “Hi there everyone! I'm

so happy when you guys listen, Download and connect with my music. I will keep making music till the end. I love you all"

Artist info from Spotify,

Broken Demon is a 17 year old producer/DJ who rose to fame after the release of 'Sprinkles'. He first started producing music in his bedroom just for fun at the age of 16.Merely a year after that, record labels noticed what he was doing and ended up signing him to their label. Unlike other producers out there, Charan Ravi aka Broken Demon is still a student and has a balance between producing music and the school work.Some of his interests include listening to classical music, dancing all alone, singing in the shower, eating almost all the time, watching movies, talking to lifeless things and most importantly Coffee.Broken Demon completed his school education in a government organised central school 'Kendriya Vidyalaya NAL'. His further education (pre-university year 1) was completed at a private college 'M.S.Ramaiah Composite PU College'. Now he's at 'Indiranagar PU College' Pursuing his further education in Computer Science and Technology.Broken Demon doesn't really wants to quit college and produce music full time. When asked, Broken Demon gave this as his answer - “Music isn't my passion. It's not gonna be my profession too. You see, music for me is an obsession. Its like a drug which I cannot leave. I'm nothing without music. I don't exist without it. Music is my Everything. I hope that answered your question.”Broken Demon is just another kid who started making music on his dad's laptop and is now one of the well known und

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Hey guys! This is my remix of faded by Alan Walker.Follow me on;Instagram -

Posted by Charan Ravi on 10/09/2017 in Electronic

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