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Never Backward. Always Forward. Always.

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  • 2014

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Feenix Bipolar is an American Hip Hop Artist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia; Feenix Bipolar is a breath of fresh air in this generation's trap glorifying, barely creative and effortless music of the South. Compared to greats such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, JAYZ, and even Eminem; Feenix Bipolar visits his past history growing up being misunderstood, falling in love, laughed at, ridiculed, being heart broken, and adventuring into numerous offers and let downs. Using an almost Drake-like trademark at times, and delivering powerful numbers as if almost the infamous "Slim Shady" from back in the day; Feenix Bipolar gives hope to not only his hometown, but the music industry in it's entirety. Vowing to bring music to where it belongs and eliminate what his generation calls "music"; Bipolar has set a very fashionable trend in the underground industry and is venturing towards higher ground as his fan base expands quickly.

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Feenix Bipolar Review

Submitted by Joseph Elam on Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Feenix Bipolar is The Generations Hope for Hip Hop

I discovered this artist via Spotify and soundcloud and have been following him CLOSELY ever since. He is very contained with how his exposure is handled, which reminds me of Indie artist "Russ". Feenix Bipolar IS lyricism, he is talent, he is storytelling, he is the child of hip hop. This guy has power and utilizes it wisely. Each album is like a chapter book to me, on one album he is telling a story of how his year has gone so far and by the next he has advanced and he is speaking the lessons he learned since his last album. He is giving his audience a visual of his growth. I dare say if he lets his firewall against heavy publicity down down: all the new school hip hop artists won't stand a chance. He has tough skin and to be one of the greats you have to take whatever comes your way and make it your art, this guy right here has made his life his masterpiece. He is a legend, hands down. I am patiently awaiting his next movement. An official fan and believer.

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