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Love Embraced Us

This is my drum cover of the song "Nakrilo" ("Love Embraced Us", 2013, the lyrics is translated into English below). This song was written by the legendary Ukrainian rock band Mad Heads.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Mad Heads team for their invaluable support and our incredible concerts - .

More about Mad Heads:

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This video was recorded in February of 2016 (I was 7 year old kid then). Initially it was titled as Mad Heads-Накрило (cover drum) and became widely known and numerously shared under that name.

Unfortunately, I've not found professional translation of the lyrics of this song into English :( . In two words, this song is about love, how it comes one day and covers you with a head. "Накрило" means "covered",  "embraced", "grasped", or "grabed" -- it is quite difficult to find an exact analogue.

 --- Update: We've tried to translate the song - see the result below. Sure, the translation isn't perfect yet :).

This video is conceived as kids- and family- friendly and may be used as a developing video or funny show that inspires to music and playing the drums.

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