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The Chainsmokers- Roses ft. Rozes (Acoustic Cover)

Andrew Chipman

Published on Mar 14, 2016

The Chainsmokers- Roses | Acoustic Cover -  I went to a chainsmokers show ( not long ago in Chicago and it was unlike anything I've ever seen before- especially when they played Roses..  Fast forward to a few months ago - I was strumming my acoustic and just started playing the version of the song that you hear above. I really couldn't kick it from my head so I figured it was worthy of a recording!  We went with the theme of the hard working 9-5 guy coming home picking up his guitar at the end of a long day, which with the vintage red couch, seemed to fit just right.

Secondly, I want to say thank you to my good buddy Ben Petty for filming/producing this entire video.  This was filmed a few months back in my old apartment in Chicago and Ben really made this all happen!  Between flipping sofas upside down and zig-zagging lights and objects across the room to make it perfect he built an awesome set from nothing. Check out his channel below:

I hope everyone enjoys it and thank you for watching - leave me some feedback, share, like, and subscribe!  




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“Roses” – originally by The Chainsmokers

Written by: Andrew Taggart & Elizabeth Mencel

Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing & Songs Music Publishing

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