Posted by Jeff Steinberg on 01/11/2018 in Gospel

This Land

Jeff Steinberg sings "This Land," composed by Jeffrey Rudloff and arranged by Don Hart from his Tiny GIANT CD. This Video was produced and edited by Jeff Steinberg and the exclusive property of GlovePRINTS Productions.

Born with what most folks would call "handicaps" has no arms or hands & mal-formed legs. But he does not see himself as handicapped. He sees his disabilities as assets; he uses his unique abilities to inspire folks globally in Schools, Prisons, Churches, Conventions, Awards Dinners, Telethons, Fund-Raisers, and more.

Celebrating 44 years in full-time Entertainment, Jeff is a highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Humorist/Comedian, Author and Singer.

To schedule Jeff for your special event, visit http://JeffSteinberg.NET for corporate events, conventions, school assemblies, fundraiser and more; OR visit for Ministry

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