Posted by Cody Joe Hodges on 09/06/2017 in Country

"We Can Weather Any Storm Together" - A Dedication to Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

We have all felt the enormous effect of Hurricane Harvey.  I grew up an hour and a half from Houston, and have many family members and friends who live there.  The amount of destruction and despair is widespread.  We've had friends who have literally lost everything, family members that had to be rescued and so many friends, family and business owners who don't even know where or how to start to recover.


As a songwriter, I use writing as a form of therapy - it helps me to put in words what I am feeling, and helps me work through my emotions with song.  I sat down this week with two other songwriters, Jamie McKean (my wife) and Tony Memmel to write this song called, "We Can Weather Any Storm Together".  We wrote this song with Hurricane Harvey on our mind, but we also wanted it to reach a little further - for anyone going through hard times, whether it be emotionally, in your relationship, in your career, etc...  I hope you enjoy!

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