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Personality Traits Of The Best Life Coaches


While anyone can learn to be a life coach, some individuals are better at coaching than others. There are several personality traits that the best coaches share. Look for these when choosing the best life coach London to support you in your personal or professional journey.

The ability to be compassionate and supportive are two of the key personality traits that the best life and career coaches share. An enthusiasm for learning and the ability to be innovative and explore new ideas are also important. Excellent listening skills are a must for the best career coach London and beyond. Not being attentive could mean they miss vital information. Connected to this is communication. The London life coach that you choose must be able to articulate clearly, in a way that you can comprehend. Professionalism and trustworthiness are also of key importance, given the level of sharing involved in coaching sessions.

Other personality traits that are found in the best coaches include curiosity, gratefulness, positivity, courageousness, focus, and dedication. These along with the skills and experience that they gain along the way turn a good life coach into the best life coach London wide.

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