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Should I Get A Car Body Repair After A Minor Bump?


Has your car been involved in a minor collision? It happens to us all from time to time. The damage doesn’t look major, so should you fork out for car body repair Cardiff services? Here’s how to decide if it’s worth the expense.

The paintwork on a car isn’t just decorative. It also protects the metal beneath. If the scratch has exposed that metal to the elements, then not booking car repairs means you risk corrosion. That not only looks bad, it can also shorten your vehicle’s lifespan, or make it harder for you to sell on when it’s time to upgrade. The other consideration is whether there’s any deeper damage under the surface. This could be a safety issue. If you’ve accidentally run headlong into something, there may be more serious problems than just aesthetics. These could cause difficulties with steering, for example, which could mean the car is dangerous to drive.

So even if the bump you’ve suffered was only minor, it’s always worth checking with the experts whether car body repair Cardiff is necessary, whether for cosmetic reasons or to ensure safe driving in future.

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