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BRYANT JR. welcomes you to his Website.

Here you will be able to learn about BRYANT JR. and his history as well as his future ventures in the entertainment industry.

BRYANT JR. comes from a place that used to be famous for its Still Industries in the Midwest. Now it is nothing more than a shadow of what the city used to be as well as other parts of the Midwest that counted on the Still Industry for its citizen's employment and other developments.

Unlike most entertainers of our time, BRYANT JR. is also an Published Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Songwriter, Music Publisher, Inventor and Poet if you didn't know it.

His latest work which is titled; 'LAND OF THE FREE?' is his new single from his upcoming Album which is due out in 2018.

You can purchase his single, 'LAND OF THE FREE?' on CDBABY, ITUNES and other online stores.

So sit back and enjoy the ride as BRYANT JR. takes you on a ride that will surely set you in a world of music, movie and words to make you a fan of his for life.


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