Ray Davins

Music Artist
Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya

Only the grave can stop you.

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Ray Davins is a hiphop rapper based in Nairobi, Kenya known for his latest single, Adwaro Mana Pesa released March 2018 and has surprisingly received major recognition in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

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Ray Davins shows his prowess in his new single, Adwaro Mana Pesa

Kenyan Rapper, Ray Davins recently released a single titled Adwaro Mana Pesa. The single has been skillfully written in...

Posted by Ray Davins on 10/08/2018

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Adwaro Mana Pesa

Adwaro Mana Pesa is the second single by Kenyan rapper, Ray Davins, released in March 2018. The single has surprisingly...

Posted by Ray Davins on 10/08/2018

P. O. Box 30305, Nairobi, Kenya
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