Gena Vasiliev

Music Artist
Musicician at THe Soul and The Diamonds
Monino, Moscow Oblast, Russia

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  • The Soul and The Diamonds
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  • THe Soul and The Diamonds
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  • Monino, Moscow Oblast, Russia

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Hello! My name is Gena Vasiliev ,but I am also known as The Soul and The Diamonds,a songwriter and an artist.I began writting songs since my childhood and all songs describe the periods of my life.I want to help people by telling the solutions of problems in my songs.So if you really like my songs,for me it's the greatest victory of my life!!!

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"The Soul and The Diamonds"

The Soul and The Diamonds - Gabriel and UrsulaThis is the music video for my first single "Gabriel and Ursula",...

Posted by Gena Vasiliev on 05/18/2017 in Alternative

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