Cesar Parker

Music Artist
Madrid, Spain

"I wanna be the song, be the song that you hear in your head" Discotheque (1997)

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  • Credentials
  • I made music for El Corte Inglés, Peugeot, DIESEL, Helvetia, DESIGUAL, Franziskaner.
    I wrote songs for Anni Be Sweet and Casilda Santamaría.
    I worked for Tinseltown Music and Echoism Music.

More About Cesar Parker

I make music craftsmanship. 

Based in Spain, traveling from Madrid to The Canary Islands.

I put heart and a lot of research in every job, in order to make it very special and unique. 

Crazy ideas and strange recording methods are always welcome ;)

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XXXIII The Album Trailer

 In order to explain and promote my last conceptual album (”XXXIII”), I decided to make a teaser trailer,...

Posted by Cesar Parker on 06/22/2018 in Other

Cesar Parker SoundCloud Recordings

All Over Me

Work for DESIGUAL clothing brand and javierdoria.com . Javier and me worked together to write and produce the song. “All...

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