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Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

Breaking free and learning how to breathe - that is what my music is about!

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  • Malin Dillner
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  • DillnerMusic
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  • Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

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  • 2015

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Malin Dillner is an artist, actress, singer and songwriter from Stockholm. Together with well known producer Mats Nilsson and mixer Robert Wellerfors she made the record called "Det som gömts i sanden" (Hidden in sands)  2015 which is a very personal story of a journey within. The genre is pop with influences from various other genres. The lyrics contain strong feelings about breaking free from destructive and abusive relationships, and finding your inner peace and true calling.

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Kunde vi andas/ Could we breathe

A song that tells a story of someone who has lost a friend due to old conflicts and now wants to reach out, forgive and...

Posted by Malin Dillner on 11/07/2017 in Folk


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Malin Dillner releases her own solo album!

Press Release: 2015-01-09 DillnerMusic Malin Dillner releases her first solo album!  - "Hidden in the Sands"...

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Posted by Malin Dillner on 11/24/2017

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Posted by Malin Dillner on 11/07/2017

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