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Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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  • Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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  • 2017

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SecondHand Arms Dealer are a hugely driven, diverse and talented band from Bristol. Formedin 2017 from an established band, Goodnight Lois, we truly believe we have therecipe for producing and delivering groundbreaking music and we look pretty damncool in doing it.

Drawingfrom multiple different influences means the range of music is vast. From RageAgainst The Machine to Ben Howard there are no limitations to the sound we produce.

Weare comprised of: Sam Schofield on Drums. Jordan Shortman on Guitar and JoeSpurrell on Bass and vocals. Schofield adds flavour to his drums with counterrhythms which play with and taunt the listener. Shortman juxtaposes heavy andthundering chorus riffs with beautifully crafted verse melodies running throughhis intricate pedal board to create a sonic wonder. While Spurrell connects thetwo with sporadic and funky bass lines, while drawing the listener close withhis soft voice only to unleash the full power of his blues rock inspired, angstdriven, edge of your seat vocals.

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Huge anthemic guitar song for new Bristol based 3 piece, moves effortlessly from funky to monsterous and back again. Please...

Posted by Second Hand Arms Dealer on 02/11/2018 in Rock


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