Stephen Bastien

Music Artist
Music Producer at Groove factory conobus
Glenfarg, Scotland, United Kingdom

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    Music Producer · June 14, 2006 to June 15, 2007

    1 Pro Tools editing on Digital Work Station, and set up front of house PA systems for small venue,
    I have a simple home Audio recording studio for live and dubbing recordings etc.
    A self motivated musician with own audio production. Interested in creating original sound in any general scheme, as well as facilitating
    other artist, expressions, and collaborating with rapper, singers and so on.

    ‘Groove Factory Conobus’ GFC ,(2003-date). Music writer and producer .
    Project include soundtracks to CD, MP3, WAV to many clients such as,commissined for a ‘dance on film’ project with MacRobert Youth Dance Company (Feb2009).
    Own music credits include featuring on BBC Radio1, 1 Music, with Huw Stephens; BBC Radio 2; Radio interviewed by David’s Weather Hart Radio (Canada).

    Bass player for ‘Calcium’ rock/rap band based at ACR Music Productions,Dunfermline (2003).

    Bass player busker at Leicester square, Covent Garden (London) and other UK Holiday destinations. Played music as varied as fusion pan pipes and modern flamenco. (1992-2002).

    Bass player and co-writer with ‘The Royal Family’ rock band . Played at the Phoenix Festival in 1996, made a TV appearance for Channel 4 at ‘The Basement’ Music programme. Support ‘Rachel Stamp’ during their local tour. (1995-1999).

    Bass player with ‘Illegal Attitude’ rock band , toured Sweden,as well as many London venues like ,the Marquee, Borderline, Garage and Rock Garden, London’s Notthin hill event Main Stage. (1991-1993).

    Percussionist with ‘British Airways Groovers’ a steel pan band base in London.


    HND Sound Production

    KY6 2RA
    Student ID 0700483
    Scottish Cand; NO . 085026291
    Programme ; HDSP/F1/AG/07
    Status; C
    Subject ; DJ2134 Creative Industries Infrastructure
    Subject ; DJ2334 Digital Audio Workstation 1
    Subject ; DJ2F34 Sound Production; Multi-track Recording
    Subject ; DJ3734 Sound Production Practice 1
    Subject ; DJ3A34 Working in the Creative Industries

    Note; My main goal is to get other well know artist vocals and music materials and produced their audio sound etc , or collaboarate with other producers, A wage will be very nice.
    I love working at home with my own (D. A. W) Systems by collecting other Artists / Producers Audio materials.
    And will love to travel both UK and the World if I may and carry my lap top with my portable Digital Audio Workstation to other Producer’s and Artist alike.

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For the fun loving grooving

For vocalist, rapper pure instrumental grooves.A self motivated musician with own audio production. Interested in creating...

Posted by Stephen Bastien on 10/25/2017

Conland Farm Cottage, Glenfarg, Perth PH2 9QG, UK
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