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Alya Elouissi, Slovenian actress and singer-songwriter based in London, is already creating a buzz with her debut single The One, an inspiring and touching piano pop ballad that has been lyrically and musically written and coproduced by Alya herself.

Taking inspirations from her experience on personal growth, self esteem and life, Alya's aim is to deliver her message of love and life to everyone. Compelling lyrics, narrative and delightful  melodies are displayed in her creative performances. 

She started singing in choirs and progressed with vocal coaching and songwriting at the age of 11 which helped her to develop her unique voice, broad vocal range and excellent stage presence.  

Her independent move to London as a teenager opened doors for Alya and her musical exposure has evolutionised her writing style.

In addition to her training in classical, pop, jazz and musical theatre style, she also studied vocals at the Goldsmiths University and has an extensive experience of live performing and studio session work as a lead and backing vocalist.

Alya is already making a name for herself in the UK music scene, having performed with Rita Ora and at big London venues such as the O2. She has been working with many international vocal coaches, multi platinum producers and songwriters (Martin Sutton).

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The One

My debut single "The One" IS OUT NOW! Music, lyrics and piano coproduction by Alya Elouissi.GET "THE...

Posted by Alya Elouissi on 08/06/2017 in Pop

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