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Vocalist, lyricist at Unsung Lilly
Los Angeles, California, United States

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  • Unsung Lilly
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  • Los Angeles, California, United States

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  • 2012

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The Story So Far...

Imagine Florence & The Machine sat around in a room writing songs with Chris Martin, and Elizabeth Gilbert…with Adelestepping in on vocals… and you might get an idea of the (r)evolutionary sounds of Unsung Lilly.  


The delicious concoction that is Sera and Frankie, a multi-talented and just-married couple, make up the British music duo. 


Sera writes revolutionary lyrics that delve into the craziness & transformation that is developing in todays western world society, which are met with epic layers of vocals, atmospheric delays and earth rumbling sounds, created by Frankie, who performs most of the instrumentation and produces the recordings.


The girls have recently launched their 12 songs in 12 months challenge, where they will be recording and releasing a song every month for a year. At the end of the year, the 12 singles will be packaged up into a physical album (with a couple more bonus tracks). Song no1 was released in October 2017, titled ‘Hear us Roar’ which was claimed as an anthem to various communities, including the LGBTQ movement and women’s empowerment activists. The year long campaign is also backed by a Patreon crowd-funding page  where fans can get their names on the final record sleeve, meet Sera & Frankie at live shows, and be involved in the intimate creative process of each song, helping the girls choose each singles artwork and much more. 

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Hurt to Know

Single no9 in our 12 Songs in 12 months challenge!Support our challenge at http://www.patreon.com/UnsungLillyhttp://www.UnsungLilly.com...

Posted by Unsung Lilly on 07/07/2018 in Pop

Southern California desert

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