Neal Learner

Music Artist
President and founder at Del Ray Players
Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Never Give Up!

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  • Neal Learner and the Del Ray Pha
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  • Del Ray Players
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  • Alexandria, Virginia, United States

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  • 2010
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  • Composer of LIFE: A Comic Opera, performed at 2017 DC Capital Fringe Festival (show was selected for prestigious extension week run);

    Violin performance major at University of Michigan; r

    Released album, "Would You Like to Be a Mermaid?;"

    Teach violin, piano and voice at Del Ray School of Rock

More About Neal Learner

Washington, D.C.,-based writer Neal Learner has had a life-long love for music.

As a young man growing up along the banks of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, Neal excelled on many instruments, including violin, piano, guitar, bass and voice. He enrolled in the University of Michigan’s School of Music as a violin performance major before earning a degree there in anthropology. During his university years, he was a member of the Michigan Men’s Glee Club and sang bass in the popular a cappella octet, The Friars.

After college, Neal moved to Takasaki, Japan, where he taught English for two years in the city's elementary schools and municipal high school...and sang a lot of karaoke. Catching the travel bug, he backpacked around Asia and Europe where met his future wife Montse while singing and playing guitar on the streets of Paris. Returning to the U.S., he landed a job as an international travel director and led group tours throughout the world. After finally exhausting the bug, Neal took a job as a newspaper reporter in St. Louis, Mo., and went on to make a career in the fields of journalism and communications.

Neal was a prolific songwriter throughout high school and college, but let that skill slide for many years after graduation. The 2004 tsunami disaster in South Asia inspired him to sit down at the piano again with pencil in hand. He hasn’t stopped writing music since. In 2011, he released a self-produced CD of children’s music called Would You Like to Be a Mermaid? In 2017, he wrote and produced a highly-acclaimed opera, "LIFE: A Comic Opera in Three Short Acts" at the DC Capital Fringe Festival.

Neal lives with his wife Montse and two daughters, Nadia and Nina, in Alexandria, VA

© 2017 Neal Learner

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Inspired to write this one by Mark Kurlansky's brilliant book, "Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Broadway


Ikimasho means "Lets Go!" in Japanese. I lived for two years in Japan and had a blast, A huge arigato goes out...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Rock

Perfect Day in Del Ray

New York City has its own song..."start spreading the news." Chicago has its own song..."that toddling town."...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in A capella

Love Summertime

Who doesn't? ...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Folk

Write Me a Letter

Wrote this for my daughters....

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Folk

Fly Away

Live near National Airport. Love to watch the planes take off and land. The interior shot is the Detroit airport - wonderful...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Electronic


Little ditty that shows off members of the Del Ray Phantom Orchestra...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/07/2017 in Alternative

Faces in the Shadows

My take on 1960s spy movie music, inspired by mid-20th century Cap Sa Sal residence in Costa Brava! Cary Grant stayed here...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Pop

Jump Back Jack

Some Doo-Wop Dadaism. ...Dada, surrealism, and Futurist all applied an aesthetic of shock and a panoply of approaches in...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in A capella

Yes We Can

Wrote this after President Obama was elected....

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Classical

Seasons Spin

One second each day for nine months!...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Classical

I Feel Your Pain

We've all been there!...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Blues

Country Boy From Tennessee

That's me....

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in Country

Get Up!

Wrote "Get Up!" for my girls, Nadia and Nina, when they were in elementary school. Song comes from my 2011 children's...

Posted by Neal Learner on 10/08/2017 in A capella

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The ZebraPosted on | July 10, 2017By Sara Dudley Brown, Theatre ReviewerLast night’s presentation of “Life:...

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