Alien Life Form

Music Artist
Musician, DJ, Producer, Live Act at Alien Life Form Official
Alpine, Texas, United States

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  • Year Established
  • October 201

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Alien Life Form is E.R. Brooks from Texas U.S. I started out in Metal Bands but always loved Trance which at the time was still underground. Then started as a Radio DJ doing mix shows in Abilene, TX and then on to Dallas, Tx, that's when I was hooked into Psytrance. I wanted to get back into making music, so I slowly started buying equipment for a home studio. Worked hard to make Alien Life Form something new and different for the Psytrance scene. It's the music and the people involved in the music that drive me, and make me work harder every day.. Always Love!!! Alien Life Form.

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Take Off

A new Show set from Alien Life Form...

Posted by Alien Life Form on 03/04/2018 in Electronic

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Feel The Rush

The New Single from Alien Life Form "Feel The Rush"...

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New Year single soon to release

PsyAye Records sent a contact today that my single "New Year" is mastered and set to release... As soon as I get...

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Song release “Alien Universe”

Posted by Alien Life Form on 09/04/2018
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First Contact

New Logo Finished Feb 4th 2018...

Posted by Alien Life Form on 02/08/2018

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