BriGuel Master Connection

Music Artist
Singer, Songwriter, Producer at Master Connection
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Live, love, laugh. Lets make the world happier!!

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  • Stage Name
  • BriGuel
  • Band or Company Name
  • Master Connection
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  • Brooklyn, New York, United States

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  • Year Established
  • 2018
  • Hours of Operation
  • 24/7

More About BriGuel Master Connection

We're BriGuel, an Artist Couple, Producing Music & Comedy TV to Make the World Happier.

We're on a mission. We want to play, laugh, have fun - and when we say "we," we mean humans. All of us. So we, BriGuel, create. We sing, rap, write, act, direct, edit, dance and produce music, film, and TV. We met a few years ago when Miguel hired Brianne to co-produce his short film “Fly Away,” and we've not left each other’s side since. We've produced a good amount of work, from comedy short films to corporate mini-docs to music videos to features, both for ourselves and for clients.

People ask if we hate working together, and that's hilarious. We get to do what we love, with our best friend. It’s f*#%ing amazing. We’re excited and grateful to spend the next 50 years creating together.  Yes, you guessed it, we're on team love. We live in such a crazy era of hate and fear so we aim to put a little more light in the world through our music and comedy. In Spain they say: ‘pon tu granito de arena,’ which means make your contribution, so that’s what we do. We're also descendants of Holocaust survivors, so basically our middle name is shifting-dark-to-light, alchemizing pain to love. We feel well equipped for the task.

So! Hello other lovely human. Thanks for e-hanging with us for a bit. Let's laugh, love and have a good time.

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Posted by BriGuel Master Connection on 09/11/2018 in Hip Pop


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