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Just two women in love making awesome music together.

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Tiziana: Tiziana was born in the United States but raised in Uruguay from an early age. She is half Uruguayan half Ecuadorian. She had a very difficult upbringing and music has always been her sanity and safety. She used to be a child actor/model, but songwriting/singing has always been her calling. Her songwriting is inspired by her life, everything she and the people around her have been through/overcome. She is not afraid to be who she is and speak about what she believes in especially LGBTQ rights. She can write songs in the blink of an eye. Shantal Marie: Shantal was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. As a kid, she would sing all kinds of Spanish songs and impersonate artists such as Celia Cruz and Britney Spears. Being from another country she did not have a lot of close friends or know her way around much. Her freshman year of high school she would spend most afternoons alone at home. Instead of doing nothing, she taught herself, with the help of youtube, how to play guitar and piano. She loves to sing and performing, it gives her an adrenaline rush like no other. She also dabbles into percussion instruments. Music and melodies come to her like second nature, lyrics not so much. Together (Herstory): Shantal and Tiziana met back in college in 2014, they fell in love instantly. Tiziana has always been shy about her singing due to people always putting her down. Shantal helped push her out of her shell and got her to sing with her whenever she got the change. They would only sing covers of other artists songs for years until Shantal arranged an original piano piece and Tiziana decided to write to it. Shantal knew that Tiziana wrote songs, but in the time they had together as a couple she had never heard any of them. Once she heard what Tiziana had written, she was hooked, and without planning it, Herstory was born. Shantal composes/produces the songs and Tiziana is the songwriter.

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