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Brian Scott and Lisa Michelle are an American vocal and instrumental duo from the south side of Chicago. These siblings started their musical journey when they were just young children as they were born into a family where music was always present in one way or another. As they grew in both age and in their love for music, Brian and Lisa started singing in their church and also performing with a group called "Kids Spectacular." It was during these years they were both challenged with the gift God gave them and eventually found themselves leading worship & touring world-wide with the "Chicago Honey Bears.” "Defining Grace" however, came about years later, as they both realized that it is only by grace that they each had overcame all that life seemed to throw their way. Through the combination of personal life experiences and melodic music, God has given them the ability to use their prayerfully created, original songs into a way to hopefully encourage, inspire and share their faith. After years of singing other artists songs and writing music behind closed doors, Brian and Lisa, together as “Defining Grace,” finally released their first single, “Because of You," now available in all digital platforms. 

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Better Than A Hallelujah

Posted by Defining Grace on 12/19/2018 in Gospel


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"Because of You" single

Defining Grace's debut single "Because of You" (autographed CD) available for purchase. - $5 plus shipping...

Posted by Defining Grace on 12/20/2018

Carol Stream, IL, USA
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