Taylor Douglas

Music Artist
Singer at Taylor Jay
Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Stand in to Stand Out

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  • Year Established
  • 1996

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My name is Taylor Jay Douglas I was raised in South Carolina in a small town called Hopkins. I come from a line of singers and musicians in my family. Growing up in Hopkins there wasn't much to do in that day but play and discover. My music started off as I remember my mom buying me a piano and I played a rock vibe song and song lyrics.I had no idea that this little commodity was so astonishing. Later on a brother of mine recognized my talent so he taught me what he knew and I picked up fast. The singing came along as I grew up in Church, singing on the choir. One day in rehearsal I hit a note that the choir director heard and it gave me confidence. I later on honed my skills by way mp3 player the first song I came in contact with was a song by the artist Chris Brown called With You I listened to it over and over until one day to get to knowing the lyrics which I wrote on a piece of paper as I would listen than play the song back way before I knew I could have Google it lol. But I followed the melody and found a coach later on I developed rap skill I recorded my first rap at 13 on YouTube called Let's Grow Again (https://youtu.be/RiDchcrbENU)Later on I went on to just being normal and shy away from music just to do it as a hobby and focus on school. So in school thats when I knew about relationships and understood them more but my crush broke my heart so bad I couldnt deal with it a had an unfortunate thing happen involving my mentallity so music was an outlet again so I put the pain on paper. I recorded it at 17 later I started dating and making relationship empowering songs now I make motivational songs, love songs to give the shy a voice.

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