Tracilyn Michael

Music Artist
Dayton, Ohio, United States

Never traust a man who claims little in this business gets done in writing.~ Steven C. Johnson (Derby New York)

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  • I offer my own awards to self, because people in the Industry are selfish and give only rewards to their selves.

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Tracilyn Michael is a Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Live Stage Performer residing in Dayton, OH, USA. She has been associated with the NSAI Dayton-Cincinnati Chapter since early 2010 and is currently a member of BMI, where all her songs from both albums (Playfully Purple and the most recent release, Dayton, OH, USA) have been registered. She is currently in the studio on a daily basis recording the songs for her next two albums, "Ragtop" and "Miss Las Vegas". Thanks for subscribing to the Official "Tracilyn" Youtube page.

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Illuminatti (Having Fun In The Garage)

Fun in the Garage making one of my first music videos....

Posted by Tracilyn Michael on 05/01/2019 in Rock


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