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Massachusetts, United States

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Write folk songs in Guthrie-Ochs-MacColl-Moore tradition.

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New York City Refugee

A folk song about how real estate developers, landlords, and their political allies gentrified New York City after 1971;...

Posted by Bob A. Feldman on 10/08/2017 in Folk

High Technology Homeless

A protest folk song from the 1980s about how corporate use of high technology has affected the quality of life in the United...

Posted by Bob A. Feldman on 05/19/2017 in Folk

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Orlando Massacre

An anti-war topical folk song about mass shootings in USA and endless U.S. drone wars abroad that was written after the...

Michael Brown Was Gunned Down

A public domain protest folk song about the killing of Michael Brown, the grand jury's non-indictment and the protests...

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Non-Commercial Topical Protest Folk Songs vs. Commercial Pop Protest Songs

Non-commercially-motivated people who have felt enslaved, oppressed or economically exploited have always--either individually...

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