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Singer-Songwriter, Executive Producer. Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Publisher, etc. at Aurora Borealis, Ltd.
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"If it's alright with you.............I prefer 'Warrior~Poet'!" Keri-Lynn

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  • Please read Keri-Lynn's Biography. More, TBA.

More About Keri-Lynn

Biography, in brief:

Keri-Lynn is a successful singer-songwriter, Executive producer, producer, arranger, engineer, publisher and vocal educator. She performed for the first time in Mobile, Alabama at the tender age of four when she was asked to step in at the last minute to sing for a soprano, who had fallen ill. She was granted two days to prepare three songs. With the love and support of her family and friends, she pulled it off like a pro and she knew from that moment on that music and performing would be a major part of her life. 

Keri-Lynn performed, and continues to perform, in various clubs featuring a variety of genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and country. Keri-Lynn began to perform in these clubs as a solo act and with a band at the age of thirteen. Keri-Lynn recorded her first demo at the age of fourteen, and she worked two part-time jobs to finance the project on her own. So incidentally and by her own sheer will and determination...she is one of the youngest, if not THE youngest, female Executive Producers on record to date. By doing so, she paid her dues and did her part to pave the way for the young women of today, and is a music pioneer and legend in that respect. Around the age of fifteen, she was asked to write and sing commercial jingles for local companies. 

Keri-Lynn has performed, and continues to perform, in various stage productions; including but not limited to operettas, operas, musical theater and major choral productions. Keri-Lynn has performed, and continues to sing, The National Anthem for a wide variety of sporting events; including such memorable moments as when she sang while standing on ice. She has performed, and continues to perform, for crowds as intimate as fifty and as large as 4.5 million. Keri-Lynn's vast experience in a wide range of genres of music is a clear indication of how Keri-Lynn enjoys pushing her own boundaries. Her willingness to continue to learn all that she can about arranging, engineering, producing, songwriting, etc. is second to none. As a result of her efforts, Keri-Lynn has earned the respect of her peers; all the while earning placement and membership within a variety of professional organizations. A well-seasoned pro long before the release of her first album; her music, education and travels have taken her to New York, Los Angeles, and Miami among many world-class destinations. Keri-Lynn considers Mobile, Alabama...and the Delta~Gulf Coast region...her "home"; with NYC and L.A. in a "close tie" for second. 

© 1979-2030, and forever; Aurora Borealis, Ltd./K.L.M. Enterprises, Ltd.; Keri-Lynn's Music, Ltd, ASCAP...all are subsidiaries of Nadine's Enterprises, Inc. Keri-Lynn, The Aurora Boutique, The House of LaRosa, and Aurora Borealis, Ltd. are Registered Service-Trademarks, and are the tangible property of Keri-Lynn and her Family. All National and International Rights are Reserved.

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