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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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  • Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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I'm a singer-songerwriter and musician living in Nashville and chasing that elusive thing called success in the music industry. My love for playing music started at a pretty early age, as did my interest in songwriting (I can't tell you how many "albums" I put together as a kid, compiling slightly non-sensical songs I'd created, printing up a track list in an atrocious font, and pasting it into an empty jewel case). My dad taught me how to play drums, and I began singing in the church band. Guitar came next and so did the songs. (Or, at least, more coherent, organized songs.) I've been a part of various bands that play rock, indie rock, americana, folk, and funk/soul/hiphop. I currently sing backup vocals for Braintapes, and I am soon to release my first solo project called "Someone Shut Me Up." When I'm not playing music, I'm likely eating, sleeping, or wanting to play music.

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