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New York, New York, United States

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Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic concert, popular and film music composer and a clarinettist with an extensive performing background based in New York City. His music is often praised for its elegant emotional content as well as creative eclecticism, combining diverse, often unexpected elements. Regardless of being an accomplished musician, music producer and an ambitious composer with years of professional experience, Stefan retains a profound curiosity allowing him to consistently explore new ideas and pursue unique creative solutions.

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9. Incipit

Stefan Kristinkov: A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything) - 9. Incipit...

Posted by Stefan Kristinkov on 12/03/2017 in Instrumental

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New York Composer Places Clarinet At The Centre Of An EDM Album

Stefan Krsitinkov, a New York based composer, places Clarinet at the centre of an eclectic EDM fusion album, spiced with...

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