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  • San Diego, California, United States

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More About Hans and Danise

     Hans and Danise are a contemporary pop duo and couple who loves to sing and perform for new people. They met on Christmas Eve in 2013 and became a couple on Valentines Day in 2014. Hans had been performing as a solo artist until one day he decided to bring Danise up on stage with him that November, and the two of them have been performing together ever since. They've played at many places around San Diego, La Mesa, and Poway, including Hard Rock Cafe, Tin Roof, Sheldon's Service Station, Capri Blu, and Mainstream Bar & Grill. They're looking to expand their list of venues, so don't hesitate and feel free to shoot them an email!

More about Hans:

     Hans is a generally a loud and talkative person, always doing something new to try to get Danise to laugh or do something silly with him. Normally he is very laid back and is good at playing things by ear.

     He's been playing music ever since he was in first grade when he first started playing guitar. He transitioned into becoming a vocalist when participating in a battle of the bands. He stuck with it and became the lead singer for The Adolescence for a few years until the band parted ways. Afterwards, he played as a solo artist, and along that journey he met his future girlfriend Danise. Their lives became mixed both as a couple and as performers, and together they work to better their music and their performance. He hopes to make a living off of music with Danise, whether it's performing together, recording original music, or working together to record and mix music for other people.

     In addition, Hans enjoys socializing, playing games, and eating crispy bacon with rice, but he hates mushrooms. He absolutely hates mushrooms. Never give this guy mushrooms.

More about Danise:

     If you've ever met Danise, you can probably tell that she's a very quiet and reserved person. Fortunately for her, Hans is able to bring this little turtle out of her shell and into the spotlight which they both love to share. As the harmony to his melody, Danise supports Hans along his own musical career path while still trying to figure out where her own path leads. But as long as she has her family, friends, and boyfriend backing her up, she knows she'll be just fine.

     Danise has been singing for as long as she can remember, from karaoke when she was a toddler to middle school choir to partnering up with Hans. She took piano lessons when she was around 9 for just one year and afterwards taught herself. She hadn't done any solo performing until she met Hans but has grown to love singing and performing with him.

     Other hobbies and fun facts include playing soccer in middle school, being a varsity runner in high school, solving a Rubik's cube in under a minute, and having a soft spot for canines.

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