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Tampa, Florida, United States

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Regina Jean-Pierre 

Is an eclectic Singer-Songwriter, with some different views of her use of music than most. She is determined to make change and influence others though her music and own experiences. Not only to send out messages but to also give the world the opportunity to embrace Regina as Regina. 

Rare, Unique and Genuine she believes in using her musical talents and eccentric mind the masses will use her music as not only a remedy to calm and soothe the savage beast but also and escape from some of the harsh realities modern day life in America sometimes pose. 

She has appeared and been involved in many different musical competitions and talent shows dating back to the tender age of Eight (8).

In all competitions or talent shows Regina Jean-Pierre Has graced, she has always come out in the top or 1st place. Also performing in many church choirs and state shows Ms. Jean-Pierre has a polished and refined stage presence and understands the difference between a singer and a performer. 

Merging these two qualities of Singer-Songwriter / Stage performer skills Regina Jean-Pierre has a bright career ahead at the age of 21 she's gearing up to make some noise (no pun intended) but literally.... 







Passing her first and second rounds in auditions for the Voice, Ms. Jean-Pierre came to realize the commercial side of the show did not coincide with her personal integrity and self image- Wanting to make it her way in regards to her dignity and personal integrity, Regina found a phenomenal local producer Mr. Melvin Raines ... and the rest, well let's just say Stay Tuned...

Regina Jean-Pierre intends to rise to the top like the foam on a root beer float and take the prize like a thief in the night...

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An Original song written by Regina Jean-Pierre...

Posted by Regina Jean-Pierre on 06/23/2017 in Pop

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