Codey Centers

Music Artist
Guitar, singing, songwriting at Codey Centers
Waco, Kentucky, United States

Dreams are only dreams, until you make them reality.

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  • Placed 3rd in the 2016 Nash Next contest in Kentucky. Almost got signed by Lamon records in 2017 but didn’t have the funds/sponsors to get in the door. Have music on iTunes, iheartradio, google play store, Amazon mp3, cdbaby, Apple Music, etc..

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Just a small town guy from a town of 1200 in Kentucky that you’ve never heard of. As down to earth as they come. Have been playing and singing for as long as I can remember, and writing for a few years. Just looking to get back into music, after almost finding success and a record deal in 2016. The loss of my mother really put a damper on my music career, and my focus, but I’m ready to put in the effort and time once again, to make her proud and to achieve my dreams and goals. Have music on iTunes, Iheartradio, google play, amazon mp3, Apple Music, cdbaby, etc.. Also down to collaborate, or write with people but not without credit/royalties of course. Get in touch if you’d like to make some beautiful music!

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“Outskirts of Heaven” Craig Campbell acoustic cover

Just my acoustic cover of “Outskirts of Heaven” by Craig Campbell. Really great song, that hits a nerve deep...

Posted by Codey Centers on 12/02/2018 in Country


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